Endless Numbers

Endless Numbers

From the moment we opened Endless Numbers, we knew it was going to be a great experience! From fun animations to silly sound effects, Endless Numbers can keep your young ones entertained while teaching them about numbers! In the game, you go through many levels, each time a number is emphasized. For example, after dragging each individual element of 1 + 4 into place, 5 appears, snoring loudly, and you must tap on the 5 eyes to wake 5 up. The game is narrated so that your young ones can even play the game by themselves.

Room For Improvement

While the game is very polished with great graphics and audio, the User Experience is not as good as it could be. You may find yourself wondering what exactly is supposed to be done. For example, one level brings you to a story, explains what happens, and leaves you sitting there. This can be confusing since the previous levels just carried on and gave you an activity to do.

In-App Purchases

There are In-App Purchases inside this app, one currently selling at $6.99 and the other $14.99. The first one is a starter pack, which unlocks levels 5-25, and the second pack is called the everything package. It unlocks all 100 levels. Note: If you purchase the first pack, you can later purchase the full pack at a discount of $11.99, losing you an additional $4.


While it is a great game, especially what you get for free, it is a pricey one. In total, you may ending up spending $19 on this “free” counting game.

Price: Free

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Endless Numbers on July 23, 2015 rated 4.0 of 5

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