iCanConduct by Beans In My Ears is an interesting free game. The idea behind it is that children can select what instruments will play the song, so in this way they are conducting the song. This can be useful for young ones exploring the idea of instruments coming together to build their favorite songs!

While this app looks great, as it is free, take caution as at the time of writing there are 5 separate in app purchases, each at $0.99. The app comes with two songs, and through the in app purchases previously mentioned you can unlock eleven more songs. However, you can disable in app purchases within the app, so this is one extra safety measure that you may appreciate. This fact alone has gained the app an additional star in our rating.

Room For Improvement

You may be wondering if the game allows your children to record their own voice over the song. It does not, however you can turn off the singer’s voice. Secondly, while you may read the lyrics in the app, you are not allowed to read the lyrics and play the music.


This is still a great game, as we know from experience how much young ones love music!


[Total: 3    Average: 4.3/5]
iCanConduct on July 19, 2015 rated 4.0 of 5

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