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Say Word

Overall, Say Word is a fun game for your young ones to play and practice completing sentences and point out numbers. English can be confusing, and this game aims to help kids practice telling the difference between similar words. Say Word uses stickers to reward kids for completing levels, which they can view in their gallery. Not all levels are available without in app purchases, which is discussed further towards the end of the review.

Further Details
There are two game modes, one that focuses on completing sentences and another lets you practice finding numbers. The game alternates between these two modes as the student progresses through the levels, with a star system for how the young one does. The stars are based on how many wrong attempts are made; three strikes and the level is over.

There is background music which can easily be turned off. At this point, it’s one track repeating.

Spread across the game, along with the stickers are learning points. In these points tips are given as well as explanations of words. For example, the second learning point is to “Spell out numbers from 1 to 9. Use figures for 10 and above” (Learning Point #2, Say Word).

Timers can optionally be set (90 seconds or 150 seconds) to give the student an incentive to stay focused.

To help give an overview of how the young one is doing, a report card view summarizes how many answers are being answered correctly.




Areas For Improvement
While this is not immediately brought to the parent’s or teacher’s attention, only the first 10 levels are free. After that, you will be prompted to purchase in app purchase to unlock the next 20 levels for $0.99, or all the levels for $1.99.

The app uses a limited amount of audio, mainly for background music and a few sound effects.

We’d like to point out that the app does have the option for user’s to share scores on Facebook. However, this is protected by a simple parental gate, which asks simple math problems such as “Which of the following numbers are divisible by 6?”.



In-App Purchases
There are in app purchases to be aware of. At the time of writing there are five, adding up to a total of $6.
It costs $1.99 to unlock all the levels (95), or $0.99 to unlock the next 20 levels.
There are also other packs that you can unlock, such as Homonym and color fill packs, which we weren’t able to review for you.
The in app purchases are protected by a simple parental gate, just like the social features. Ex. “Which of the following numbers are divisible by 6?”.


Depending on your educational goals, Say Word may very well be a great fit for your young ones! We found Say Word to be a well rounded and polished game that provides both a fun experience and educational value. We hope with our review you will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not to use Say Word at home or in your classroom.


Price: Free (With In App Purchases)

Our Rating: 4/5 Stars.

For the last star, we’d like to see the app implement an overall parent settings page, where in app purchases and social media could be disabled. Lastly, if timers could be set for all levels in one spot that would make this app worthy of 5 stars.

Yes, like all apps there is room for improvement, but overall we were impressed by Say Word.

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Say Word on April 11, 2016 rated 4.0 of 5

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